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Wednesday, November 27, 2013


(Clint Singh & Marklyn Govender)

Known affectionately as Da Boyz, Marklyn Govender and Clint Singh are acknowledged as Durban's leading bridal specialists. They owe their success to acclaimed artist and writer Andrew Verster.

“They came to see me one day and said that they would like to become artists,” he explains. “I set them up with all the equipment they needed – paint and brushes, canvas, paper etc. and said that they should start working and call me when they had done something. I was careful not to influence them in any way.”

Not many days later, the pair invited Verster over and he remembers being astonished by what he saw.

“Drawing on their Hindu mythologies, they had done canvas after canvas in the most ravishing colours,” Verster adds. “I was in awe. Here were talents unique in Durban – and indeed South Africa. Encouraged by my enthusiasm they continued working on a bigger scale – door panels and on canvas which they had made up for them. Some time later, when they had produce a body of work, they exhibited at the KZNSA – one alone and once together with me.”

When Govender and Singh visited India they took a handful of the smaller works which they exhibited and these were greeted with surprise and excitement.

“Each new body of work draws on different sources and influences so there is no danger of them becoming typecast,” says Verster.

Da Boyz make their living as bridal specialists. They arrange weddings, dress the bride (and sometimes the groom), plan the ceremonies, sometimes doing the catering as Singh is an excellent cook. He also does the hair and make-up and turns ordinary girls into princesses giving them enormous confidence.

Contact Da Boys on 072 536 2767.