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Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Junkets Publisher is a small independent South African publisher founded in 2005 by Robin Malan. In 2009, it was the winner of the Arts & Culture Trust Excellence Award for Literature. It specialises in publishing The Playscript Series, new Southern African plays; as well as The Collected Series, anthologies of new Southern African plays.

Junkets has announced a new project: African Folktales Onstage! plays for pre-teens compiled by Fatima Dike, André Lemmer, Robin Malan and Omphile Molusi

Junkets Publisher is looking for short stage adaptations of African folktales to include in a collection of plays for the upper Grades of the primary school and the lower Grades of the high school, especially for performance or for rehearsed class presentation.

Submissions as a Word Doc, not as a pdf by email to should follow the following guidelines:

Use only Times New Roman 12pt. Do not use underlining or lines anywhere in the document. All African folktales derive from the general consciousness of the people, so all will be an ‘adaptation’ of a sort. Submitting your play will be an undertaking that this is your own work. If, however, you are adapting a specific prose re-telling, you must acknowledge this, giving the author’s name, the title of the book in which the original appears, stating compiler, publisher and date.
Your play should be for performance by or to youngsters at the top end of the primary school or the bottom end of the high school. Most experts are agreed that very young children should not be performing written texts in public.
In your retelling, go for the authentic, the robust, the vigorous. Studiously avoid the “cutesy”.
Your play should be a minimum of 1,500 words and a maximum of 5,500 words, counted from the title to ‘The End’, including everything. Nothing shorter or longer will be considered. State the number of words below your play.
The author must be a member of a SADC country or a person living or working in Southern Africa. There is no age restriction. It does not matter whether or not you have had plays published or performed before.
You may submit one play or two plays or three plays, but not more.

Only emailed PC-generated submissions are acceptable; no hard-copy submissions. If you do not have access to a PC and email, you will need to get your work scanned, formatted and emailed by a PostNet or copy shop. We need to be able to communicate with you by email.

Submissions need to reach Junkets at by January 31, 2014. No late submissions will be considered. Publication will be in early-December, 2014. Only writers whose work is accepted for publication will be contacted.

“If you have not heard from us by July 2014, you can assume that your submission did not make it through the selection process; and please accept our thanks for submitting your work. No correspondence can be entered into concerning entries not selected,” says Robin Malan. “This is not a competition; there are no prizes, there is no money involved at this stage. Junkets is usually a not-for-profit operation, so no fee is offered. Instead, contributors will receive a gratis copy of the book. In the unlikely event of there being a profit after all expenses and bookshop discounts are factored in, contributors will be paid a small royalty pro rata. Authors retain the copyright of their individual plays.”

As the selection will be made anonymously, your name (and postal address) should appear only on the title-page; nowhere else.

For further enquiries contact Robin Malan at email or on 076 169 2789. For layout guidance, visit