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Friday, December 13, 2013


(Shika Budhoo & Dhaveshan Govender)

Presented by Shika Budhoo and Dhaveshan Govender, Aya’s Boy promises audiences a hysterical journey of a stubborn grandmother trying to marry off her delinquent grandson.

When 30 year-old Pooven, aka The Fresh Prince of Montclair, hip hops into his granny’s house, little does he know that he’s on a comedy collision course with Vaneshree, the Gadhra-Bean Queen.

Audience members can expect an assortment of crazy characters from Aya’s cock-eyed hen-pecked husband, Thatha, to a very “spiritual” Bollywood guru, Guru GuptaPoo, who both get trapped into Aya’s plot to marry off her off-beat grandson.

You’ve heard of “jilted lovers”, but this story is about the “tilted lovers”- Vaneshree and Pooven - showing us the funny side of love, with Aya starring as their “Fairy Grandmother “ waving her walking-stick-wand around. This crazy comedy is the perfect warm up to the festive season and is suitable for the entire family. With song, dance, and a barrel of laughs, Aya’s Boy is sure to hit your funny bone in all the right places.

Govender and Budhoo have been in post-production for their first film, Hindrance and are well known for their roles as Storm and Mrs. Singh Song in Clinton Marius’s Lollipop Lane. Budhoo will be remembered for her fine stage performances in The Fantastical Flea Circus, Shika-Land! and this year saw her on the Gold Reef City stage as aunty Bolly in Oh Golly Its Bolly. Govender is known for his stage performances in King Of Old Trafford, Opera Exposed and Shear Madness.

The now husband-and-wife team are tackling love head on, showing when love is involved, how heads can roll, heads can crack and heads can turn.

Aya’s Boy will have one performance at Catalina Theatre, Wilsons Wharf, on December 14 at 20h00. Tickets R100 (show and dinner at John Dory's option available) booked through Computicket or online at: