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Sunday, December 15, 2013


The first and only Adult Colouring Book in the world. (Review by Marianne Meijer)

The publication of the very first colouring-in book for adults, was launched earlier this week.

This is the first and only Adult Colouring Book in the world. Durban has set the bar high. Others are bound to follow. A most original and creative idea.

The drawings are done by Andrew Verster and the book was designed and edited by another Durban artist/writer Rick Andrew, the title is Colour Me In in a limited edition, numbered and signed.

This is a colouring-in book with a difference. It has been made primarily for adults, never before or seldom catered for in the world of colouring-in books, though children are certainly not excluded from adding colour to the drawings. The images are an eclectic mix of everything from monsters to maidens, the famous and the unknown, people, places and things. They have one thing in common – they are black line drawings that cry out to be filled with colour.

According to Rick Andrew the drawings on each page are shapes, forms and faces culled from Verster’s inexhaustible imagination.

There are some words about colour to accompany each drawing, but rather to keep an open mind to all kinds of possibilities as you add colour to the drawings.

“This is a great idea which in all probability will be followed by a much bigger edition. So buy yourself a box of quality pencil crayons and, remember, it is not necessary to colour-in every square inch of white paper. Enjoy!,” says Rick Andrew, who did a great job editing this lovely adult colouring-book.

Colour Me In is available at Artisan Gallery at R250. Artisan Contemporary Gallery is situated at 344 Florida Road. More information on 031 312 4364 or 083 301 5747, email: or visit - Marianne Meijer