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Sunday, December 22, 2013


(Shaun Evans)

Inspector Endeavour Morse is a character in Endeavour: Young Morse, a television drama by British author Colin Dexter which starred John Thaw.

Endeavour is a prequel to this production with English actor Shaun Evans being cast as a young Morse in his university days and early career. The Oxford detective legacy continues as the young man’s character becomes shaped by the cruel cases he must solve.

First there was Inspector Morse, then Lewis, now Endeavour to carry on the tradition of critical acclaim. Oxford in the mid 1960s is a world caught between the tradition and institutions of the past and the freedom and decadence of the new social revolution.

Young Endeavour Morse has changed since his father’s death and he returns to Oxford a damaged man with everything to prove. Endeavour investigates the fatal fall of an unknown man during a beauty pageant but, as the inquiry delves into the dark dealings of local politics, the evidence gets more complicated and truth becomes lost.

Endeavour must work through his personal grief and pain to discover the victim’s identity and solve the evil crime at the heart of a corrupt society.

Endeavour: Young Morse is screened tonight (December 22) at 21h00 on BBC Entertainment (channel 120 on DStv)