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Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Reminder that today (December 5, 2013) is the deadline for applications to answer ASSITEJ and Theatre Arts Admin Collective’s call to theatre practitioners to “Inspire a Generation”.

Inspiring a Generation is an ASSITEJ SA and Theatre Arts Admin Collective initiative that aims to inspire theatre practitioners to make innovative, cutting edge theatre for children in South Africa.

Building a new generation of artists working in theatre for children and young people will create a generation of children and young people who love and are inspired by theatre. The programme is generously sponsored by the Distell Foundation and the Danish Arts Council.

For the 2014/2015 period, four theatre-makers will be accepted into the programme. Each should ideally come from a separate theatre company, with an interest in making theatre for children and young people, and should have some experience in the field. Their approach should be focused on visual theatre, dance theatre, physical theatre, clowning or workshop theatre, rather than working only from a written text.

Participants should be trained theatre-makers, with experience of collaborative work, and at least three years of professional experience. Ideally, they should be members of companies, or community/youth groups but individuals will also be considered. They should have an interest in making work for children/youth; have an interest in working in a cross-disciplinary mode; and have two contactable references, reflecting on artistic merit, commitment and work ethic.

In Phase 1, participants will be exposed to an international children’s theatre festival in Denmark as well as to a substantial engagement with theatre companies skilled in creating work for young people.

The aim of Phase 2 is for the participants to share and reflect on their experience in Denmark, and present their ideas to a broader forum of theatre practitioners. The National Arts Festival in Grahamstown will be used as a platform for this sharing. Danish theatre companies will share their work with South African audiences on various platforms, in this way sparking a broader dialogue and creating a more intensive artistic exchange between Denmark and South Africa. Danish tours are dependent on funding which is currently being sourced.

In Phase 3, participants will conceptualise and research for the creation of a new work. This includes the practical research, workshops, discussions, visiting schools, seeing performances, preparation for own New Works and communication with mentor/s. This phase includes raising additional funds for the realisation of the new productions.

During Phase 4, participants’ cast, create and rehearse their new work under the mentorship of a visiting Danish theatre practitioner, as well as through continued conversation with the Danish companies and with Jori Snell (co-mentor) who will be overseeing their works. These new works are to be performed at the Family Season Festival in March, 2015.

The cost of the programme is R4,500 per participant, which can be paid in instalments over six months. A deposit of R500 must be paid in order to qualify for the programme. Assistance with applications for bursaries in deserving cases will be given.

To apply for the programme, interested parties should fill out the application form available from, include two reference letters, and photographs of previous work (not necessarily for children) and submit it to ASSITEJ SA on e-mail: or Fax: 086 834 4841.

The deadline for applications is today (December 5, 2013), and applicants will be informed by the December 13, 2013. The programme will commence on March 1, 2014, and runs through to end March, 2015.