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Wednesday, December 25, 2013


(Bhoyi Ngema)

Well-known actor, scriptwriter, director and producer Dr Mbongeni Ngema, currently appearing in The Zulu in The Playhouse Drama, pays tribute to his brother with the following poem. Bhoyi Ngema was tragically killed several days ago when a driver of stolen vehicle ran into him while trying to escape the police.


Life is such a precious gift to have
Why are we always on each other’s throats?
Why are we always plotting for one another?
Why do we hate each other so much?

Why do we always oppose each other’s ideas and dreams?
Why do we suffocate someone's desires when we are in position of authority?
Why do we gang up against a brother or a sister for their courageous and loving
dreams and spiritual calling?

Only when you have lost someone very dear to you that you wake up to the
reality that I should embrace and love every human that I encounter
Because life is such a beautiful gift to have

Why plan downfalls of other human beings
and rejoice in their failures and destitution?
Why must it tickle me that you have failed
in your trials and tribulations

Why can't I run behind you in your marathon full of pitfalls
and give you water when you tire stumble and fall?
Why can't I reach out to you with my hand and pull you out of the darkness of
desperation and extend my humanness when you need a shoulder to cry on?

Why can't I be like Bhoyi Ngema who would light up a room with his smile
and make the children feel taller than their age?
And ordinary people feel the warmth and respect he gave to everyone
so unreservedly and so unashamedly throughout his life?

Why can't I love people and love life like Bhoyi Ngema?
Because life is such a precious gift to have

Dr. Mbongeni Ngema
04h00 Tuesday December 24, 2013

Bhoyi Ngema’s funeral will be held on December 30 at eNhlwathi in Zululand. The memorial service will take place in the Playhouse Drama on Friday (December 27) at 14h00.