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Friday, February 28, 2014


(Margaret Horne)

Margaret Horne, treasurer of SASAD (South African Society for the Advancement of Dancing) for many years and a fervent supporter of the dance genre, died earlier this week.

When Norma Wood, a past SASAD Chairlady, attended her first meeting of the SASAD as an inexperienced unknown teacher, her long-lasting memory of Margaret Horne was of “the warmth of the welcoming smile radiating from the lady who sat alongside the Chair.”

 “From that day on,” Norma Wood continues, “although totally unaware of the gratitude I had felt for her on that day, the lady earned my respect and a corner of my heart. It was many years later that I held the position of Chairlady and at last became good friends as we worked very closely together.

“This warmth spilled over into her work with the Society to which she at all times displayed loyalty, honesty and integrity. Qualities that came very much to the fore in her incredible desire to ensure the success, and financial stability of the Society she served for a lifetime. Margaret and I had a special relationship. She held and commanded my complete respect in her own way.

“As I stood beside her, she had made it clear at the outset that I may not ever put the Society at financial risk, so much so that her opinion and advice was always sought before decisions of importance, which I may say were frequently challenged, were made. Hours were spent at home working. In fact, as I observed her desk covered with the financial sheets, I often wondered how on earth she made sense of the numbers - but this she did at all times.

“In one’s lifetime of relationships and memories there are always those who will never be forgotten. This is so at this time.

“Margaret, thank you for your happy smile, your infectious giggle, your positive approach when ‘things’ seemed not to be correct. You always stood fast with words of kind individually supportive encouragement. You have been sorely missed since your retirement but as I write today I know you will always remain written in the Archives of the SASAD and remembered with true affection. Thank you for your life and friendship always true.” – Norma Wood.

Margaret Horne also assisted other organisations such as The Mercury Durban Theatre Awards. Administrator Peter Taylor pays this tribute: “We are very saddened to hear of the passing of Margaret Horne. Margaret was a member of the management committee of the Durban Theatre Awards (latterly The Mercury Durban Theatre Awards) since its formation in 2003. Her enthusiasm and commitment as a committee member will be missed. Our thoughts are with her family at this sad time.”

artSMart Editor Caroline Smart also remembers Margaret Horne with much fondness: “Margaret was the financial guru of the Durban Arts Association’s now defunct D’ARTS magazine for many years, helping us non-financially minded members of the production team to steer a strong ship! She also handled the books for The ArtStand which used to be held at the Essenwood Craft Market. Margaret – your help was invaluable and your encouragement and support during those difficult times when we battled for sponsorship will never be forgotten”

A further tribute comes across the seas from former Durban actress Ingride Mollison: “May the Angels be with her and hold her in their loving arms and take her to the most exquisite heavenly ballet.”

A memorial celebration of Margaret Horne’s life will be held on Sunday (March 2) at 11h00 at the Stamford Bowling Club, 5 Arbuckle Road (off Umgeni Road). There is a special request that those attending wear bright colours.