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Monday, March 3, 2014


Well-known visual artist Kiren Thathiah has teamed up with long-term friend and colleague Nanda Soobben, director of the Centre for Fine Art, Animation & Design (CFAD), in response to the continued requests for adult art classes.

“The art classes that I want to offer are not designed to teach people how to paint or draw although they will learn this as well,” Thathiah explains. “The idea is to guide them towards creating art that is of exhibition standard. In a way, it is an experiment to see whether people with an already-established view of the world and the human condition but who have not explored their creative side can, with the appropriate guidance, produce exhibition standard work within a year.”

The course is designed around the individual and the class is limited to 10 students. Classes will take place once a month on a Saturday and there will be online advice available as well.

Bookings are now open. Classes will take place at CFAD, 183 Cowey Road, Durban. For more information email: