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Friday, April 4, 2014


The Arts & Culture Trust (ACT) is proud to unveil its new website and digital platforms, launched as part of the Trust’s 20-year celebrations.

The reinvented website includes new features, giving the user a seamless experience across all ACT’s digital platforms.

“The concept of responsive design, together with the range of new features that the website offers, reflect ACT’s ambition to respond to the technological environment and to increase its accessibility, particularly for artists who primarily use mobile devices,” says Chief Executive Officer of ACT, Pieter Jacobs.

This year marks 20 years of ACT playing a strategic role on the arts and culture funding and development landscape in South Africa. In celebration of this milestone, ACT will implement a number of activities and special events during the course of the year.

“The re-launch of the ACT website - in conjunction with a robust communications plan that includes a Blog and quarterly newsletters - supports our plans for the 20-year celebrations, by enabling a number of digital campaigns around the Trust’s activities to be communicated more effectively,” Jacobs explains.

At the heart of the re-design of the site is functionality, to support easy access to information. The quick search option makes navigating the already easy-to-use site a breeze. Designed and hosted by NetMechanic, the website features artwork by projects funded by ACT. Among these is Prophecy, a collection of works from Free State artists that exhibited at the National Arts Festival, Grahamstown in 2013.

“ACT is committed to delivering first-class content across our new digital platforms and we encourage partners, beneficiaries and arts lovers to utilise them and to engage with us and other stakeholders in what we hope will be rigorous discussions,” adds Jacobs.

Visit the new ACT website at to join the mailing list, subscribe to the Blog or follow ACT on social media platforms.