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Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Deadline: May 2, 2014

University of KwaZulu-Natal, College of Humanities and the Centre for Creative Arts announces the invitation to apply to participate in Dialogues Africa, the JOMBA! 2014 Dance and Choreography Residency facilitated by Boyzie Cekwana (and various guests)

The Centre for Creative Arts (University of KwaZulu-Natal, College of Humanities) issues a call to Durban’s emerging choreographers to take part in an exciting three week residency as part of the 16th Jomba! Contemporary Dance Experience. This is part of the festival’s special ‘Mzansi’ focus, highlighting the strides made in South Africa’s contemporary dance arena in the 20 years of democracy and celebrating, particularly the sustained growth of Jomba! as a formidable platform for dance in the country.

“JOMBA! 2014 is a very special edition for the organising team in that we have decided to make a commitment to feature the very best of South African contemporary dance,” says Lliane Loots, Artistic Director of the festival. “The 2-week festival will offer a platform to local and national award winning South African artists in a deeply political move to support and nurture our home-grown choreographers and dancers. This is also a huge gift to local audiences who would otherwise never get an opportunity to see some of these companies and artists; many of whom now lack any kind of funding to tour their work.”

Staying true to one of the founding principles of JOMBA!, this 16th edition of the festival presents its Dialogues Africa dance residency for eight choreographers from Durban. This residency is central to this year’s “Mzansi” JOMBA! focus and will contribute to the growth and support of choreographers working in the City.

The residency is facilitated by Durban-based, internationally acclaimed teacher and choreographer, Boyzie Cekwana. Cekwana, with an international reputation as a dance maker who breaks boundaries and who challenges audiences, is delighted to be back in his home city of Durban to feed in and support the growth of the art form of contemporary dance which he has been very passionate about supporting on this continent. His recent and longstanding dance collaborations in Mozambique and the Congo have him bringing a unique perspective to his art and will richly feed into the Dialogues Africa JOMBA! 2014 residency.

The Dialogues Africa JOMBA! 2014 residency is aimed at offering a nurturing and supporting engagement with artists working in dance and physical theatre who wish to deepen and grow their artistic practice through a series of “dialogues”. These “dialogues” will offer opportunities for creative exchange that will stimulate and offer support for the growth of the residency participants own choreographic voice and style.

The residency will take the format of three week-long sessions, understanding that the successful applicants will use time in between the contact weeks to continue to roll out their process and work on tasks set. JOMBA! also understands the need to support the growth of artists in South Africa (and Durban in particular) and so the final outcome of this residency will be hosted on the final night of the festival (September 7 2014) where all the facilitators and residency participants will discuss about the process of the residency and will also show the first draft of their creations; the emphasis remains on process! The JOMBA! 2014 Dialogues Africa will also be documented and a short film of the process will be screened.

The three contact weeks are:
WEEK ONE: June 17 – 22 (Tuesday to Sunday)
WEEK TWO: July 29 – August 3 (Tuesday to Sunday)
WEEK THREE: September 2 – 7 (Tuesday to Sunday)

Note: the residency participants will be resident for the whole of the JOMBA! Festival (August 27 to September 7 2014) and will also participate in all workshops and master classes.

The JOMBA! 2014 Dialogues Africa residency is offered FREE OF CHARGE to successful applicants

Applications for the residency are now open! Read the following information carefully to assist your application (and to see if you meet the criteria for application!): Applicants must be living and working in Durban, over 20 years old, must have choreographed a minimum of two contemporary dance works that have been shown on a public platform and must be free (09h00 to 16h00) on ALL three weeks listed above.

Applicants must send an e-mail application to Clare Craighead on

This electronic application is to contain the following documentation: A short CV (no more than 2 pages) - with a cellphone number and e-mail address; a small black and white head photograph (an ID photo is fine); List of works already choreographed (to include title, place/platform performed etc.), a 500 word (only no more) motivation of why the applicant should be considered for this residency; the names and contact details (e-mail address is essential) of two people who will stand as referees – these should be people working in the performing arts industry, mentors, teachers or choreographers/dancers that the applicant has worked with.

The deadline for email applications is May 2 by 16h00, with final outcome announced on May 16, 2014. All applicants (whether successful or not) will receive an e-mail notifying them of the outcome.