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Thursday, April 17, 2014


Durban is probably the closest city to Los Angeles when it comes to weather, light intensity and locations. Yet Durban lags behind the rest of South Africa when it comes to film production.

So says Eubulus Timothy who is the Vice chair of the Writers Guild Of South Africa and the Founding chairperson of the Cape Film Commission.

“We have to watch our talent migrate to other cities and countries to excel. It is about time we filmmakers of Durban got together to see how best we can uplift filmmaking in the City and province,” says Timothy. “The industry creates work at all levels of the community. It helps redefine a city and its culture. It boost tourism and creates a global presence.

“The strength of Cape Town was simple,” explains Timothy, “As the Founding chairperson of the Cape Film Commission, we managed to bring all filmmakers together with the support of WESGRO, the City and Provence to speak with one voice. Before Katrina, New Orleans was not a film city, but today it has one of the most thriving industries outside Los Angeles because the City took the initiative to redefine itself and make it accessible to filmmakers.”

Therefore Timothy believes that it is not too late to start in Durban. “We have the passion, creativity and locations to make Durban the number one film city in South Africa. We need the City and Provence to support the industry in every way possible so that we can nurture a new and exciting film culture in Durban. In November the NFVF had its 4th Indaba. Once again there is no way of knowing who from Durban attended, if any at all. We also have no way of knowing what was said and how it can influence or support Durban filmmakers. There is no trickle-down effect.

“We have heard that we now have a Film Commission but again we, the filmmakers are in the dark,” Timothy continues. “The KZN Commission had spent millions on an award function and we knew nothing about it. We need to form an organization that will represents, protect and promotes the interests of all filmmakers in Durban, access funding, create distribution networks and help in promoting products.”

The Durban of Commerce would help launch the Durban Filmmakers Guild tentatively on May 5, 2014.

Timothy urges all filmmakers in Durban who would be interested in attending this event to email him directly on For more information contact him on 082 074 6656