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Tuesday, April 22, 2014


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Johnny Clegg and the Henley Business School are offering a scholarship in the business school’s recently launched MBA in the Music & Creative Industries.

The Johnny Clegg Scholarship will be awarded to an applicant who has demonstrated a commitment to the creative industries, a keen interest in professionalising the sector, and an understanding of the critical intersection of creativity and business savvy that results in a vibrant, successful commercial enterprise.

The first of its kind, the MBA has been hailed as a timely initiative for the creative industries. In an environment where creatives' labour and output are often regarded as passion projects, and often not given due professional recognition, the MBA offers creative workers and arts practitioners a tailor-made business qualification that addresses the unique scenario that the creative industries present. The scholarship recognizes the vital contribution that the creative industries make towards the future prosperity of Africa.

“As an artist, I had to learn about the business side of music through trial-and-error. In many real respects, I was self-taught,” comments Johnny Clegg. “With over 30 years in the industry, what I’ve learnt is that information is power – and to date, very little has been offered by academia to address how our work in the arts is structured and plays out. I’m excited to be part of empowering artists through this scholarship, and working with Henley to share this opportunity with the right candidate.”

The scholarship covers all the R220,000 tuition costs of the MBA programme. Representing the best of both worlds, the Music & Creative Industries MBA programme comprises Henley’s core MBA, with the music and creative industry sector section allocated additional time to contextualize and discuss industry-specific issues. In keeping with Henley Business School’s commitment to offering a ‘family-and life-friendly MBA’, the principles of flexible learning apply to the Music & Creative Industries MBA, ensuring a study experience that in step with the realities of most candidates' lives as full-time businesspeople and professionals.

Dean Jon Foster-Pedley of the Henley Business School says: “We’re thrilled about this collaboration with Johnny Clegg. As an artist, his story speaks directly to the principles of this MBA; he has harnessed his innate creativity as an artist, and applied sound business principles to ensure that his art reaches audiences the world over, transforms perceptions, improves our lives and is commercially viable. This is at the heart of what the MBA in the Music & Creative industries programme has set out to achieve. We’re looking forward to offering this scholarship to a creative individual in partnership with one of South Africa’s most inspiring artists, Johnny Clegg.”

To enter, interested candidates are to apply directly to the Henley Business School – application forms are available on the Henley website, Successful candidates will be selected based on Henley’s criteria, and the final decision made jointly by Johnny Clegg and the Henley Business School.