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Monday, May 19, 2014


Appearing at this evening’s Mondays at Six @ St Clements programme will be Charlie Berea & The Survivors, a three piece band consisting of Rick & Gill Andrew and master guitarist Alan Judd.

The programme is a clutch of songs, some composed by the Survivors, some traditional, and some by Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Syd Kitchen and Beth Nielson Chapman. The genre could be called folk-rock.

Coming up next week on May 26 is Haiku For Rapunzel, the launch of Pieter Scholtz’s new collection of haiku poems which represent a record of 11 years spent visiting Le Chateau d’eau in the south of France. Told in haiku and evocative illustrations, the book captures the enchantment of the water tower that the author renamed Rapunzel’s Tower.