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Friday, May 2, 2014


(Catarina Morgado, Mthokozisi Zulu & Jonathan Cohen)

Catarina Morgado brilliantly portrays Mark Twain’s subtle humour and beautiful language. (Review by Janet Whelan)

Mark Twain’s deliciously whimsical and seldom-staged The Diary of Adam and Eve introduces two relatively newcomers to Durban – Catarina Morgado and Jonathan Cohen.

The Diary of Adam and Eve, adapted for the stage by Mark Bucci, showcases the quirky tenderness and enduring wit of American humourist Mark Twain – best known for The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and its sequel, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

Good Reads in its review of the text says:  “It reminds us that human creation has grains of truth for modern gender disputes. Humans are essentially the same inside. Adam is somewhat of a silent recluse, ill-prepared for his talkative emotional rib. After conflict, despite the apple, comes harmony.”

The play is superbly directed by Catarina Morgado, who also plays the part of Eve brilliantly portraying Mark Twain’s subtle humour and beautiful language, for example when she looks up to the sky with wonder and innocently says “there are too many stars in some places and not enough in others” and “…some of the best ones [stars] meet and run down the sky”. It is certainly hoped that we will see more of Catarina Morgado both acting and directing.

Jonathan Cohen plays Adam, deftly showing his frustration with Eve’s non-stop chatter and illogical ‘logic’ – she has never seen a giraffe before, but she knows it is a giraffe “because it looks like one and has a long neck”.

The third member of the cast is Mthokozisi Zulu who plays the snake and quietly, almost unobtrusively at times, moves about the stage, delivers his lines and slithers off again.

In addition there is clever use of film to portray Eve’s diary and the passing of time.

In the words of Morgado “It’s daffy, direct, a fresh and hilarious look at the relationship between these two very famous people. It explores the dynamics between men and women and it shows us that not much has changed since those days in the garden! It is totally relevant to couples today”.

It is a pity that this play has such a short run, as for the first performance the theatre was booked out and people were queuing up for extra seats.

Produced and presented by Catarina Morgado by arrangement with Dalro, The Diary of Adam and Eve runs at Seabrooke’s Theatre, Durban High School (DHS), until May 3 with performances at 19h30. Tickets R80 booked through Computicket; or phone on 0861 915 8000 or book online at

For more information, contact Catarina 083 644 7977 or email: – Janet Whelan