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Saturday, June 7, 2014


Bhagwan gave me this Life (God gave me this life) is a play in Hindi written and directed by Vivian Moodley and performed by Pranesh Maharaj which makes a triumphant return for one performance only to the Rajput Hall in Chatsworth on June 14.

The play is mainly in Hindi and was written and directed by Vivian Moodley who has an illustrious resume in the performing arts on every known medium. “This is probably SA’s first Hindi cultural production,” he says. “Yet it is designed to be accessible to all. The story is specific to the time and area; and if you are from that generation then it will bring back memories, make you laugh and shed a tear. If not, then it will give you a sense of history and cultural heritage.”

Produced by Polart Productions in conjunction with Radio Hindvani, Bhagwan gave me this Life will be performed on June 14 at 20h00 at the Rajput Hall, Chatsworth Tickets R100 booked through Computicket. This is a family-friendly production, suitable for all ages.