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Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Struan Douglas’s self published book The Story of SA Jazz is available at Adams Books in Durban.

The book is a 50,000 word A5 softcover publication. Printed at BK Bookbinders, it is in its first print.

Representing Volume 1 of The Story of SA Jazz, it traces the story of South African Jazz through five distinct rays of musical development that takes readers all the way from the 1940’s up to the current moment.

Author Struan Douglas states: “Our Story of Southern African jazz is a story that IS because it is a story that has become its writer. I was awakened by the patience, understanding, tolerance and forgiveness of many jazz professors, jazz ambassadors and jazz warriors. There is truth, acceptance, warmth, generosity and transformation in this music. As much as my life has been formed and shaped by SA Jazz, SA Jazz has been formed and shaped by different lives lived in every multi coloured shade of human experience….

“I am deeply confident of the value of this book to promoting the authentic impact South African Jazz and South African Jazz musicians have made on the world,” he adds.
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