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Sunday, June 1, 2014


Open letter from acclaimed artist Andrew Verster

The KZNSA gallery is one of Durban's iconic buildings, acknowledged here and internationally as an architectural gem. It is also an award-winning building.

The vandalism began years ago when it was a simple white cube of a building and additions were made for extra space. However carefully these were done, the simplicity was damaged.

We understood the reasons and accepted them, though sadly and with a sigh.

However, the recent vandalism of a mural on the street wall is inexcusable and I cannot imagine how devastated the architects, Cindy Walters and Michelle Cohen would be if they saw it. Let's hope that nobody sends them photos for they would be heartbroken. 

This is a mural with no redeeming features, inept and shabby. A disgrace and a monstrosity. Who sanctioned it?

A few litres of Dulux would rectify this travesty. Let's hope that the outcry will spur the gallery into taking action.

Andrew Verster