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Thursday, July 17, 2014


(Andrew-Buckland as Dad & Liezl de Kock as Ginny)

(Part of a series of reviews from the artSMart team from the festival in Grahamstown)

Returning to the fringe at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown this year after having won a Standard Bank Ovation Award on its debut in 2013 was the eccentric tragicomedy Crazy in Love.

Directed by Rob Murray and starring Andrew Buckland and Liezl de Kock it is a very funny, albeit rather poignant little story, of love and loss.

Leon (Buckland) was abandoned at the altar by Ruth, the love of his life. Together with his baby daughter, Ginny (de Kock), who was the result of this union, he embarks on a lifelong quest to find Ruth so that the three of them may be re-united.

After many years without success the two have essentially become hobos, with Leon a pretty serious alcoholic to boot. Their search has not gone well and after each failure Leon has tattooed the name of that town on his body. He looks like a messy road map.

The humour in the piece comes from Buckland doing what he does best. High energy physical performance. He is phenomenal and extracts every ounce of humour and pathos from the script. Of equal stature is Liezl de Kock’s very complimentary performance of a young girl becoming a woman in these bizarre circumstances.

The other star of the show is the amazing shopping trolley the two push with them wherever they go. Designed by Jayne Batzofin it serves as everything from their home to the storage place for all sorts of quirky possessions, and even Ginny’s secret shrine to her missing mother. It is wonderfully inventive and sets a perfect backdrop for Leon and Ginny to live out their obsession.

Crazy in Love is an innovative and clever production which will amuse as much as it will create a tear of two. It is something just little different and is well worth seeing if ever you get the opportunity. – Keith Millar