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Friday, July 25, 2014


Universal Networks International (UNI), the international channels’ division of NBCUniversal, has announced that the Electric Entertainment-produced TV series The Librarians is coming to Universal Channel in over 100 countries, premiering within 24 hours of the US debut on TNT in December 2014.

Universal Channel viewers in Australia, Asia, Europe and Latin America will all be able to tune in to Noah Wyle (Falling Skies, ER) reprising his recurring role from The Librarians movie trilogy in this brand new series starring Rebecca Romijn (X-Men) – timed to the US premiere.

Romijin is joined by Christian Kane (Leverage), Lindy Booth (Dawn of the Dead) and John Kim (The Pacific) as protectors of the world’s mystical treasures with Emmy®-winner John Larroquette (Night Court, Deception) playing their reluctant caretaker. Emmy® winners Bob Newhart (The Big Bang Theory, The Bob Newhart Show) and Jane Curtin (Kate & Allie, 3rd Rock from the Sun) are reprising their characters from the movie trilogy, at the start of the series. Matt Frewer (Max Headroom, Falling Skies) is also set to play a recurring role.

The Librarians is a captivating addition to Universal Channel’s programming for our markets, and we are delighted it will be airing within just 24 hours of the US premiere,” said Colin McLeod, Managing Director, Emerging Markets, Universal Networks International. “We are thrilled to bring this action-adventure drama to our viewers, giving our audience instant access to the brand new and exciting series.”

The Librarians centres on an ancient organization hidden beneath the Metropolitan Public Library in New York dedicated to protecting an unknowing world from the secret, magical reality hidden all around. This interesting group of characters solves impossible mysteries, fights supernatural threats and recovers powerful artefacts from around the world. Among the artefacts housed in the Library are the Ark of the Covenant, the Spear of Destiny, the Judas Chalice and Excalibur, to name a few. Only a person with special skills could be responsible for collecting and protecting these artefacts and, more importantly, for preventing them from falling into the wrong hands.