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Tuesday, August 5, 2014


(Robert Pattinson)

(artSMart reviewer Pranesh covered the recent Durban International Film Festival.)

Brilliant story well written well acted lacks pace. (Review by Pranesh Maharaj)

The Rover, directed by David Michod who also wrote the screenplay, is a brilliant story that is well written and well executed by a cast headed by Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson. The cinematographer: is Natasha Braier.

A little more could have been done to set up the time and space. The world of the story sets itself up gradually; but way too gradually. I loved the start where one is able to feel the goings on. Then pace died. Shots were held unnecessarily and some shots didn’t contribute to anything. At 112 minutes, there is plenty place to snip and they would still be left with that feeling of emptiness that they are desperately trying to maintain.

Eric (Guy Pearce) has voided himself from relationships and empathy. He pursues a gang of robbers who stole his car after almost losing theirs. His pursuit becomes increasingly desperate and the viewer is left pondering over what he is after. I had a problem with the synopsis labelling the time a near future as there is no semblance of a near past in the movie. (Or did my eye escape something?) These elements are usually fed to you. One should not have to look through the film with a magnifying glass to find them. Robert Pattinson shines as the confused brother (Rey) of the gang’s leader who is injured in the heist and left to die. Eric meets Rey in a very believable coincidence and gets him all fixed up at a doctor only to force him help track the rest of the gang. The ensuing journey is brilliant; but again pace, or the lack of it, dropped my attention at times.

I would just like to see this film back in the cutting room, then it would work perfectly. – Pranesh Maharaj

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