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Saturday, September 6, 2014



 ARTsouthAFRICA magazine has proudly announced its 13th year of publiation and a bold new image.
The buzzword in the global media and the continent on every investor and business leader's radar, Africa is brimming with opportunity and possibility. ARTsouthAFRICA has long been frustrated with the slow pace of transformation in the contemporary African art landscape, with a generic bundling of the term “African Art” certainly contributing to the situation.

With this in mind, ARTsouthAFRICA has taken the decision to rebrand the magazine and, in line with its long-term vision, collaborate with and facilitate grassroots transformation. This publication is the platform through which they invite participation, encourage conversation and discourse, and promote cultural understanding and tolerance. The approach is one of collaboration, to include voices from within and outside of the African continent.

“We know that our new direction may be met with some resistance, but we hope that these points of criticism and debate will address important issues that assist us in showcasing contemporary art from Africa,” says the publicity material. “We know that transformation through skills sharing and development, education and empowerment and a strong focus on indigenisation will contribute to creating equal opportunities for all. By inviting guest editors to share their views, and publishing interviews and conversation pieces with established and emerging art practitioners from all over Africa, we intend to present content that is relevant and intelligent, while remaining accessible, engaging and constructive.

In this 13th volume, the “Interview Issue”, ARTsouthAFRICA engages in conversation with a number of carefully selected artists, curators, writers and organisations who they know are truly committed to transformation, to changing perceptions about contemporary African art practice, and promoting the integration of communities that might otherwise not be exposed to the wealth of talent from the continent and the ways in which art can change lives. The publication thanks those who collaborated with them and lent their voices to this important discourse.

Further thanks go to previous editors; Sophie Perryer, Sean O’Toole, Bronwyn Law-Viljoen and Ashraf Jamal for getting the publication to this point. “Ashraf, in particular, shared our vision of collaboration, and together we co-produced the book, 100 Good Ideas - Celebrating 20 Years of Democracy. Recognised as an official projects for Cape Town World Design Capital 2014, the book showcases and celebrates people, organisations and innovations that create positive change and transformation in South Africa.

“Africa's solutions are in its people, and we at ARTsouthAFRICA are proud to say that this magazine is published in and founded on the continent.”

ARTsouthAFRICA magazine is available at leading and niche bookstores in South Africa and via subscription for international distribution. Subscribe now and receive a 20% discount (offer valid until September 30 2014.)

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