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Friday, September 26, 2014


(Darren King & Lisa Bobbert)

Lisa Bobbert and Darren King reprise their award-winning roles in Christopher Durang’s internationally acclaimed comedy, Laughing Wild.

Returning to the KZN stage after an absence of 10 years, Laughing Wild will have you laughing, crying and gripping the edge of your seat as you meet two zany people who are as different to each other as a can of tuna is to the Vatican.

Laughing Wild deals with the struggle of two people attempting to make sense of the world in which they are forced to live – coping with the everyday stress of trying to buy a can of tuna, coming to grips with the infinitely more taxing subject of religion.

Highlighting the dilemma we face of inhabiting over-crowded urban environments without forming meaningful relationships, Durang’s wickedly funny play exposes how we cohabit with each other, yet each remains nothing more than a faceless person in a crowd.

First presented as an off Broadway production in New York in 1987 (with its master-of-the-absurd playwright in the cast), Laughing Wild is written as a two-hander. Set in New York in the late 80’s, the play is structured around two 30-minute monologues, followed by a 30-minute second act, some of it monologue, some of it scenes between the two characters who remain unnamed.

As the play opens, a woman enters and launches into an increasingly frenetic recital of the hazards and frustrations of city life in America – waiting in queues, encountering impolite taxi drivers, being exposed to fatuous talk shows and encountering inconsiderate supermarket shoppers. She is especially enraged by a man who obstructed her from buying a can of tuna, whom she attacked in a fit of temper.

In the second monologue, the man appears. While the subjects upon which he expounds (nuclear waste, the intolerance of the Catholic Church, particularly in sexual matters, the threat of AIDS) are broader in context, he too dwells on an incident in a supermarket when a strange woman hit him over the head in the tuna fish aisle.

The two protagonists finally meet and re-enact varying interpretations of the supermarket incident before launching into an explosively funny parody of a talk show. The two find each other after a fashion as they come together at the Harmonic Convergence in Central Park – hoping to instil a sense of optimism and purpose in their lives, but remaining sceptical they will succeed.

Laughing Wild was previously staged in Durban in 2004, directed by Steven Stead who oversees the show’s KZN revival.

The production runs at DHS’s Seabrooke’s Theatre in Musgrave from October 2 to 12 with performances from Tuesday to Saturday at 19h30 (Sunday at 15h00). Tickets R100 can be booked through Web Tickets at (enquiries on 086 122 5598).