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Wednesday, September 24, 2014


(Luis Gerardo Méndez, Juan Pablo Gil & Karla Souza)

Highly enjoyable Mexican comedy sees a wealthy father teaching his spoilt “brats” a lesson! (Review by Caroline Smart

The Noble Family (Nosotros los Nobles), recently released on the South African circuit, is a highly enjoyable Mexican comedy directed by Gary Alazraki.

It stars Gonzalo Vega as Germán Noble, a wealthy businessman living in Mexico City. In the process of running his extensive empire and still grieving the loss of his wife, he hasn’t exactly been paying the attention he should have done to the activities of his three children.

While all grown up, they are spoilt brats par excellence - Javier, Bárbara and Carlos – and spending money like water.

Javier (Luis Gerardo Méndez) is a dreamer and when he isn’t partying, he’s concocting wild ideas for get-rich schemes which are completely impracticable and unattainable.

With designer labels as her second name, Bárbara (Karla Souza) is being pressed into marriage by much older man whose sole aim is to get his hands on her trust money.

The sexual prowess of the youngest, Carlos (Juan Pablo Gil), saw him being expelled from college for having sex with one of the teachers.

Quite by chance, Germán Noble sets eyes on their various credit cards and is appalled by the amounts they are spending. It’s time to teach them a lesson. So he concocts an elaborate story that the family has to go into hiding as his assets have been frozen and the unions are after him. They hole up in their late grandfather’s dilapidated house in a seedy area of town.

In order to eat, and refurbish the house, the three have to go out to earn money and these adventures are hilarious, to say the least. In the process, Germán Noble discovers that there is blame on his side as well because there are things about his children he never knew before because he was too wrapped up in his work. There are some delightful scenes as the family starts to grow together.

It’s a fast moving film with good camera work and excellent performances all round. It’s not surprising that it was one of the biggest domestic box office successes ever seen in Mexico.

The Noble Family is in Spanish with English subtitles. – Caroline Smart