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Friday, October 31, 2014


(Manesh Maharaj & Yshrene Moodley)

The Natya Kalalayam – Academy of music and dance will stage Samyuktam, A Kathak and Bharat Natyam dance performance by Shri Manesh Maharaj and Srimati Yshrene Moodley on November 1 at the Pattundeen Theatre in Chatsworth and November 2 at the Truro Hall in Pietermaritzburg..

Produced and directed by Guru Srimati Kantharuby Munsamy, Samyuktam juxtaposes two of India’s most cherished and loved classical dance forms namely Bharat Natyam & Kathak highlighting their similarities and differences. Hailing from Northern India, Kathak is characterized by intricate footwork and breath-taking pirouettes which contrasts against the graceful geometric lines and sculptural beauty of Bharat Natyam which hails from Southern India.

Transcending all barriers of language, gender, religion and the material body, Manesh and Yshrene merge their unique art-forms to form one entity which is steeped in divinity and spiritual energy.

Samyuktam includes sacred works by Tulsidas, Arunagiri Nather, Mahakavi Barathiyar, Meerabai, Thirugynanasambandar, Chit Swami and Madurai R Muralidharan among others. Appealing to a diverse audience, carefully selected compositions in Tamil, Hindi, Sanskrit, Avadhi & Braj Bhasha are set to a variety of melodious Ragas and vibrant Talas.

Samyuktam promises to captivate and enthral with its rich music score, exquisite costumes and vibrant choreography. Its message aims to promote unity and oneness through dance.

Performances take place on November 1 at 17h30 at the Pattundeen Theatre (Aryan benevolent homes in Chatsworth) and November 2 at the Truro Hall in Pietermaritzburg at 17h00. Tickets R60 will be available at the door prior to the performance.

For further information and organizations wishing to raise funds through Samyuktam, contact 082 422 6865.