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Monday, October 6, 2014


Telemundo, on DStv Channel118, will debut its latest telenovela Where Is Elisa? on October 6 at 18h50.

The story begins with the mysterious disappearance of Elisa Altamira during the birthday festivities of her businessman father, Mariano Altamira, who is celebrating with his wife Dana, their children and family.

Their joy quickly turns to sorrow when tragedy strikes with the disappearance of Elisa, the eldest daughter, and this ultimately has repercussions on everyone’s lives. Police detectives led by Cristóbal Rojas, begin to investigate, initially tracing an alleged kidnapper. But they soon dismiss him as a suspect and begin going down a long list of other possible suspects that include Elisa’s schoolmates, former employees of her father, friends and family including uncles, cousins and even her parents.

Where is Elisa? stars familiar faces like Gabriel Porras playing the role of Mariano Altamira, Catherine Siachoque who plays Elisa’s aunt Cecilia Altamira and Jorge Luis Pila as Detective Cristóbal. The three actors also featured in Behind Closed Doors, one of the telenovelas that launched Telemundo in South Africa.

Where Is Elisa? will air weekdays from October 6 at 18h50 only on DStv 118.