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Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Distinctly entertaining book includes many of Jerm’s best cartoons from the last year. (Review by Keith Millar)

For many, one of the highlights of their daily newspaper is the political cartoon. The insightful and acerbic comments on the political or social events of the day are usually good for a chuckle and often have a more serious edge which offers food for thought.

South Africa has over the years produced many highly skilled and talented cartoonists who have entertained the public with their unique drawings. Standing tall amongst these is Jeremy Nel – otherwise known as Jerm – whose work has appeared in several offline and online publications such as Sunday Times, Time, The Star, City Press, Beeld, The New Age, The Times, Rolling Stone, EWN and, most recently, at eNCA.

Jerm has released the second compilation of his work in a distinctly entertaining book entitled Comedy Club. Including many of his best cartoons from the last year, the book is topical and is pertinent to the political and social events which have dominated news headlines in the recent past.

He takes no prisoners and everyone from our own government to our opposition parties are targets for his caustic humour. Presidents Zuma and Barak Obama receive special attention and feature in many of the cartoons. The Israel/Palestine conflict also features prominently.

Jerm’s precise analysis of the events of the day and perceptive commentary provide a humorous way to observe the buffoonery which is politics in our country.

It must be noted that his approach can be very hard-hitting and some of his cartoons have a serious shock element.

Cape Town based Jeremy Nel, who never received any formal training, began his cartooning career in 2005 after leaving the corporate world. Since then he has won several awards for his uncompromising and intuitive work. His quirky and provocative drawings are digitally produced and have a lively watercolour look.

Comedy Club has been released just in time for the Christmas rush and would make a good gift for anyone who is interested in current affairs. It would sit comfortably on the recipient’s coffee table where they could dip into it from time to time for a good chuckle, and possibly a serious moment of reflection.

Comedy Club, a compilation by award winning cartoonist Jerm, is published by Penguin Books. The ISBN number is 9780143539162 and the recommended retail price is R175. – Keith Millar