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Friday, November 7, 2014


Irek Karamon, Manager of the Playhouse Company's Mayville Workshop and set designer for the Playhouse Company for many years, died of a heart attack this morning (November 7). He was in his early 70’s.

Director Ralph Lawson, who is currently in Durban to direct Skungpoomery and A Christmas Celebration for the Playhouse Company, had been working closely with Karamon and says his death comes as a great shock to all who knew him.

“He was an expert interpreter of design and manufacturer of sets,” says Lawson. “He was a great engineer but you could always rely on him to produce a beautifully-made piece of work. He was a perfect craftsman and was very well liked and respected by everyone.

“He went the extra mile to make sure the job was done properly and he received a Mercury Durban Theatre Award nomination for his design for Masterclass. He also designed Bravissimo for me which entailed for four huge sets. He really took a lot of trouble and he was certainly an original. He will be sorely missed in more ways than one.”

Tribute and further information to follow.