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Saturday, November 29, 2014


(Mpumy Ndlovu)

Presented by Imbiza Performing Arts, Those of Fame is a one-woman show directed and performed by Mpumy Ndlovu which tells the journey of a young woman named Zodumo from the dusty streets of Umlazi who dares to be an actress when acting is seen as a hobby rather than a career. Zodumo's love for acting is motivated by the beautiful stories her late grandmother used to tell her when she was a child, so much so that Zodumo herself wanted to tell these stories to people all over the world and perform the dance moves she received from her ancestors through her dreams.

Zodumo's parents are against her career choice. Her mother wants her to be a doctor and her father wants her to be a judge so she can be financially stable as she grows. This makes Zodumo question the role played by arts and artists during the times of Apartheid if even today artists don't have financial stability and freedom.

Zodumo introduces audiences to the world of art where females are sexually harassed and used and most artists (male and females) are financially exploited. This heartwarming piece ends with a hope of a better future where Arts and Artists are respected, a magical world of creativity, artistry and passion.

Those of Fame is aimed at educating young people (especially those in their high school years and Varsity) about what the performance arts industry is all about and motivating them never to be afraid to dream big, no matter what their background may look like. Mpumy Ndlovu tells a pure story of faith and courage.

Those of Fame will have one performance this afternoon (November 29) at 17h00 at Stable Theatre.

For more information contact Mpumy Ndlovu on 083 764 3177 or e-mail: