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Sunday, February 8, 2015


The first soiree of 2015 in the Mondays @ Six at St Clements programme sees the launch of a very special little book.

Dancing Into Being is written and illustrated by Jilian Hurst. How can this be? Jilian danced her last dance in 1997! The answer is that this little book is Jilian’s illustrated diary of a visit to the Philippines to consult a Faith Healer in that year.

The following is an extract from the introduction to the book:

“Jilly’s notebook about her daily treatment by a Faith Healer in the Philippines, starts with an extract from the Tao Te Ching. The first page is devoted to chapter 36 which is embraced by the title given to this publication: Dancing Into Being. The reference has been extended by including thoughts and sayings from the Tao (the Way) throughout this book.

In the 60’s and 70’s Jilian and Margaret Larlham, who was her close friend and colleague, founded the Barefoot Dance Company. It was one of the first Contemporary Dance companies in the country with a core of dedicated dancers, most of whom had a classical ballet background. Both Jill and Margaret enthused their students with their innovative and avant-garde approach as choreographers and dancers.

Regular seasons of dance were presented in the University Open-Air Theatre and later in the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre. The Company was augmented from time to time with visiting dancers and choreographers, amongst whom were Fred Hagemann, Kenlyn Ashby and Geoffrey Sutherland, all of whom were lecturers in the department at various stages. Some of their students, such as Linda Vargas, Trish McIntosh and Lliane Loots, to mention but a few, have become prominent figures in the dance world.”

Copies of the book, "Dancing into Being" will be available for the first time at the launch.

Some who were friends and students of Jilian will be at the launch and have been invited to say a few words.

St Clements is situated at 191 Musgrave Road. Mondays @ Six run between 18h00 and 19h00. Early booking is advised on 031 202 2511.