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Sunday, April 12, 2015


What About Meera is Durban writer Z P Dala’s debut novel and tells the tale of Meera Narain, a 22-year-old woman from Durban who escapes her abusive arranged marriage to run away to Dublin, where she takes up a job as a care-giver at a school for autistic children.

Dublin becomes a refuge for Meera. In this faraway city she starts a new life, working at a school for autistic children. However, her psyche is damaged and she spirals into a doomed relationship with the father of one of the children. Their obsessive affair uncovers frightening truths about Meera’s childhood in rural KwaZulu-Natal.

Fuelled by alcohol and dark memories, Meera commits a horrifying act and is ostracised from the world where she thought she’d find happiness. To take control of her life she must stand up for what she believes is right – even if it means turning her back on the people she loves.

What About Meera is the story of a woman’s attempts to shape her own destiny, and evokes the streets of the Irish capital and the Indian community of Tongaat in rich detail.

Z P Dala is a freelance writer who has degrees in physiotherapy and psychology. Her writing has been published in a number of print publications and her short stories have received several awards. She was runner-up in the 2012 Witness True Stories of KwaZulu-Natal Competition. She has lived and worked in Dublin, Ireland, and currently lives in Durban, where she is a psychologist at a school for autistic children.

What About Meera is the gripping story of a woman’s attempts to rise above her circumstances and take control of her fate. It is published in softcover by Umuzi and retails at R190. ISBN: 978-1-4152-0745-1 (print); ISBN: 978-1-4152-0628-7 (e-book), and ISBN: 978-1-4152-0629-4 (PDF)

NB: Watch this space for a review of the book