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Friday, May 1, 2015


(Local Durban legend Steve Fataar performs)

DUrbanTV, SA's first WebTV streamcasting channel bringing community and entertainment to Durbanites is providing a valuable platform to the local Durban community and the arts by partnering to promote anti-xenophobic sentiment.

Last weekend saw South Africa celebrate its freedom and as the country took time out DUrbanTV, Durban musicians and TV crew were hard at work planning, performing, recording and editing to get the message out to help stop the Xenophobic violence.

Whilst DUrbanTV was out filming at the Awesome Africa #SayNoToXenophobia concert at the Playhouse, which incorporated musicians from across the African continent, Durban artists were putting together a music video in record time. All filming and editing done in 24 hours. Never let it be said that Durban doesn't have the talent and skill to pull off some incredible work.

DUrbanTV CEO Doreen Theys says: "DUrbanTV is extremely proud to be able to provide a platform for this type of initiative and for our local musicians to be showcased and recognised for their talent and generosity. We congratulate all the DUrban artists and crew involved in the productions who provided their time & talents for free for this worthy cause over this long weekend.. DUrbanites ROCK!"

Both the Awesome Africa DUrbanTV Say No To Xenophobia & the Video Dig A Little Deeper are now streamcasting on DUrbanTV's webTV channel.

DUrbanTV will also broadcast an overview of the Awesome Africa concert in May.

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For more information contact Doreen Theys of DUrban MediaNet t/a DUrbanTV on 031 266 0339 or 062 177 3232 or email: or visit