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Tuesday, May 12, 2015


(One of the works on the exhibition)

The exhibition of photographs and paintings by Janet Solomon coming to the Durban Art Gallery this week is intended to set up associations between reality and artifice, death and life. The term “Green Screen” is used in the digital world when an image of a subject is taken against a green background. The green is then erased and replaced by a different background thus manipulating reality.

Solomon compares this technique to the way in which museums traditionally displayed groups of people or animals in dioramas. The diorama is a construction similar to a stage set housed in a glass showcase and is intended to give a context to the reconstructed humans and animals. This results in a false sense of reality, comparable to how the Green Screen manipulates the digital image.

This is Janet Solomon’s fifth solo show, comprising more than 30 works from 2011 to 2014. The exhibition will be opened on May 14 at 17h30 and all are welcome to attend.

Green Screen runs from May 14 to June 28 in the Durban Art Gallery, 2nd Floor, City Hall, Anton Lembede Street. For more information contact 031 311 2264/8.