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Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Founded by Professor Elizabeth Sneddon, the internationally renowned drama educationist, The National Creative Arts Youth Festival is a celebration of the achievements of the youth of South Africa.

The festival is directed at young, predominantly school-going people and has achieved remarkable success in building a broad multi-cultural base and participation. It is making a major contribution in building a united nation based on values that serve the interest of the community in the new South Africa.

The National Creative Arts Youth Festival is designed to use and promote the Arts - Music, Dance, Visual Art, and Drama - as fundamental educational tools to nurture and develop Skills for Life, particularly among young people. The Festival is unique in South Africa in that it is the only one promoting the visual and performing arts as an essential part of every young person’s education and it is also a celebration of the arts, embracing wide and varying forms of tribal traditions, heritages and cultures.

The Dance Programmes to be presented in the National Creative Arts Youth Festival of 2015 highlight the growing awareness of parents, educationists and the community generally, of the dynamic influence on their children of a creative approach to Education. The Dance Programmes this year, as has been the case since the inception of the Festival 21 years ago, are in the capable hands of Stav Bozas and Dudley von Loggenburg.

TERPSICHORE, Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre – May 8 at 19h30
Catering for senior dancers aged 13 to 21, Terpsichore is the brainchild of Stav Bozas and offers a challenge to the choreographic skills of many dancers in the community, using a great variety of dance forms in the various items - from tribal to contemporary, according to the choice of the choreographers.

This programme of achievement is beautifully costumed and outstanding for the range of the age groups of the participants and for the freshness and vitality of the work, testifying to many hours of strenuous effort and disciplined endeavour on the part of dozens of young people, and their skilful tutors, striving to externalise in worthwhile creative achievements, they joy in developing in their skill in this form of activity.

The following studios will present a programme of their own choice: Mary Ann Salvage School of Ballet; Youngstar Production (TAGAT); Midlands Dance Theatre Centre; Dance Movement; Sheila’s Dance School; KZN Dance Academy; Bella Donna Acrobats; Dance Direction International and Springwood Dance Academy. Tickets are available from Computicket.

DANCE FOR JOY, Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre – May 9 at 15h00
This wonderful and fun-filled programme is aimed at junior dancers aged 5 to 12. It underscores the fact that a training of the child’s creative potential cannot begin too early. 

The following studios will each present a programme of their own choice: Betty Blake Academy of Dancing; Nicole School of Dancing; Springwood Dance Academy; Anwyn Winterbach Academy; Mary Ann Salvage School of Ballet; Michele Pope Studio of Dance; Dollhouse Dance; Dance Direction International; Dance Movement; Gail Smith School of Dancing; Bella Donna Acrobats; Michelle Clark Dance Academy; Jacqueline Weddell Academy of Dance; FootworX Dance Studio; Minette de Klerk Dance Academy and KZN Dance Academy. Tickets are available from Computicket.

BORN TO DANCE, Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre – May 9 at 19h00
This entertaining, charming and fun-filled programme for the stars of the future supported by many of the leading exponents of dance in Durban, will delight the audiences with the wonderful spirit of joy which results from participation  in a challenge as refreshing and innovative and exciting as a programme so ably convened by Stav Bozas.

Studioes represented include Durban Dance Unlimited; Just Dance; Anwyn Winterbach Academy; Dance Movement; Betty Blake Academy of Dancing; FootworX Dance Studio; The Studio; KZN Dance Academy; Bella Donna Acrobats; Gail Smith School of Dancing; TranscenDance Project; Sue Cook’s Dance Studio; Dance Direction International; Dollhouse Dance; Michele Pope Studio of Dance and KZN Dance Centre. Tickets are available from Computicket.

DURBAN DANCE FOUNDATION BURSARY PRESENTATION, Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre - May 14 at 13h30
The Durban Dance Foundation came into being as the result of the desire of many exponents of ballet to pool their resources to promote the training of young, aspiring, professional ballet dancers in Durban
Founded in 1983 by Dudley von Loggenburg, Professor Elizabeth Sneddon and Faith de Villiers, the main objective of the Durban Dance Foundation is to promote Dance in all its manifest forms and to encourage interest and participation in all forms of Dance throughout all section of the community, and to organise, promote and encourage festivals, galas, workshops, demonstrations, master classes, conferences and bursary performances in the City of Durban and the areas around the City.

Ballet dancers from all ages compete for the following bursaries: The Nan Girdlestone Bursary (Value R1,000. Age 7 to 8); The Durban Dance Foundation Junior Bursary (Value: R1,000. Age 9 & 10); The Lord and Lady Lurgan Bursary (Value R2,500. Age 11 & 12); The Elizabeth Sneddon Bursary (Value R1,500. Age 13 & 14), and The Faith de Villiers Open Bursary (Value: R2,000. Age: 15 to 19). Tickets are available at the door.

LOVE OF DANCE, Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre – May 16 (Matinee at 15h00/evening performance at 18h30)
A great diversity of approaches is to be found in this programme of Dance. Audiences will evidence the wonderful spirit of joy that comes with the participation in a challenge as refreshing and innovative and exciting as a programme so ably convened by Dudley von Loggenburg, director of the Durban Dance Foundation.

Participating Studios: Pat MacIntosh Dance Academy; Breakthru  Dance Company; KZN Youth Dance Company; Minette de Klerk Academy of Dance; Parker Studio of Celtic Dance; Bev and Kerry Hall Studio of Dance, and Winsome Fuller Studio of Dance. Tickets at Computicket and at the door.

DRUM FOR JOY! Steel Drum Band Competition, Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre - May 13 at 10h00
Convened by Bryan Clark, founder of the Steel Drum Foundation, bands will challenge for top position in two categories: the Senior Primary School Competition, and the Senior Secondary School Competition, both adjudicated by Caroline Smart.

Competing bands include Kokstad Junior Primary School, St Patricks College, St Mary's DSG School, Durban Primary School, the Browns’ School, Warner Beach Preparatory School, Gordon Road School for Girls, Hillcrest High School, and Inanda Seminary School.

(The competition takes place in The Lecture Theatre at DGC, 586 Musgrave Road, Durban
The Brush-Up Your Shakespeare! Inter-School Quiz Challenge, the brainchild of Prof Pieter Scholtz, was started in 1990. Currently in its 25th year, it is hosted by the National Creative Arts Youth Festival

Secondary School teams consisting of three pupils each are required to study 10 Shakespearean plays for the Preliminary Round and another 14 for the Second Round. After the Preliminary Round, in which all participating schools are required to answer a written questionnaire on The Life and Times of William Shakespeare and any two of ten Tragedies and Comedies, the top four schools compete in a series of quiz competitions before live audiences. Scoring of the public round will not be on a knock-out basis but on a points basis so that the top two schools will go through to final.

Participating schools will be paired as follows:
10h00: King David High School Linksfield 2 vs Westville Girls' High School Juniors and King David High School Linksfield 1vs Westville Girls' High School Seniors

14h00 Final Round: The Winning Team will receive R4,000 and R1,000 for the Coach. The other finalist team will receive R1.000 for the School.

There is no charge for attending these stimulating presentations and a chance to: Brush Up Your Shakespeare.  More information can be had from the Festival Office, on 083 952 5714 or