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Friday, May 1, 2015


The Best Kids Productions Guide, Ever! was written by a group of multi-award-winning theatre professionals, and illustrated by Greg King, for the sole purpose of providing assistance to their heroes – school drama teachers.

“Obviously there are many other people who work with young people in theatre productions, and the book will serve them very well too,” says co-author Charon Williams-Ros, whose idea the publication was in the first place. “But it’s the school drama teacher who we especially want to support. Each one of us is a successful theatre professional today because of ‘that special teacher’ who first ignited the flame. They are so often ‘one-man-production teams’ who work hard to develop kids’ talent. They are a hugely valuable asset to the theatre.”

The list of co-authors represents the cream of KZN luminaries including director Steven Stead; singer and vocal director Shelley McLean; choreographer Janine Bennewith; designer Greg King; actor, designer and director Peter Court; lighting designer Tina le Roux, and arts publicist Illa Thompson.

The Best Kids Productions Guide, Ever! is available as an e-book available on the website which people can buy, download and print out. The book consists of 180 pages divided into 14 chapters which guide the reader through the entire process of putting a stage production together which is aimed at people who work with youth and younger kids, but it could be used for any production.

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