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Sunday, July 5, 2015


Reviews from the artSMart team currently in Grahamstown at the 2015 National Arts Festival

A fascinating experience to celebrate Cape Dance Academy’s two decade anniversary.  (Review by Khinali Bagwandeen)

The Cape Dance Academy presented a showcase at this year’s National Arts Festival that celebrated their two decade anniversary.

Initially being a feast for the eyes at the Artscape theatre during November 2014, Blue is a combination of diverse pieces primarily choreographed by the talented Christopher L Huggins. With dancers from varying age groups, the performance differed from what I expected.

The first outstanding piece of the show took the name of the title, and was an all-male ballet performance. It is an extreme blend of the examination into maleness and all of its being. During this piece, the very skilled male dancers break into different groups and some enchanting solos that explore the talents of the dancers to the highest extent.

The second hypnotising piece was titled In the Mirror of Her Mind. It consisted of three men and a woman. In this creative piece, the woman gracefully and emotionally reflects on the lovers she has gained and lost in her lifetime.

The show was directed by Debbie Turner, and it formed a good attempt to live up to the name that the Cape Dance Academy has made for themselves over the past 20 years. With a diverse spectrum of dancers and continuous talent, Blue was a fascinating experience. - Khinali Bagwandeen

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