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Monday, July 13, 2015


(Reviews from the artSMart team at the 2015 National Arts Festival in Grahamstown)

Powerful combination of ballet, Spanish, African and contemporary. (Review by Khinali Bagwandeen)

The National School of the Arts possesses one of the most acclaimed names in the country. Their performances at the National Arts Festival are eagerly awaited and this year’s Dance Spectrum 2015 was their mind-blowing performance.

The show is a powerful combination of ballet, Spanish, African and contemporary. There have been previous editions to Dance Spectrum over the years, and this one first premiered in March before being brought to festival. It is a colourful arrangement of talented students and marvellous choreography.

 A piece that stuck with me was choreographed by Shannon Glover, this was a heartfelt piece about the pain one feels when losing someone or something special to you. The entire performance as whole travelled the rich culture of dance in all its forms.

Dance Spectrum 2015 is directed by Manuel Norambuena. You would never guess that the stage is full of students because the talent and potential of these performers are those of professionals and some even better.

The Spanish pieces were choreographed by Gillian Bonegio and were a feast for the eyes.

Dance Spectrum 2015 is suitable for any audience and will thoroughly be enjoyed by those who love dance. The prestige of the school speaks for itself, and the performance was nothing short of creative. - Khinali Bagwandeen

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