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Tuesday, July 28, 2015


(Evita Bezuidenhout aka Pieter-Dirk Uys!)

 Hilton College Theatre will welcome Pieter-Dirk Uys back to the heart of the Midlands for two shows, Adapt Or Fly on August 7 and An Evening With Evita Bezuidenhout on August 8.

Adapt Or Fly (August 7): Pieter-Dirk Uys started his one-man onslaught against politicians who should know better with Adapt or Dye in 1981. He is back at the Hilton College Theatre with Adapt or Fly, holding up the cracked mirror of satire to a 21 year-old democracy and using humour as his weapon of “mass distraction”. After successful seasons in Cape Town and Johannesburg and a run at the Soho Theatre in London, Uys is back with his finger on the pulse of South Africa after an election that has already introduced the colour red into our black and white rainbow. Juju will join Evita, the gang of NP leaders and the cabal of ANC stalwarts in a show of strength that will put a healthy perspective on our fears and worries.

An Evening With Evita Bezuidenhout (August 8): Come and spend some quality time with the most famous white woman in South Africa, a legend in her own lunchtime thanks to her cooking, an icon who can confront any aikona and share with her the optimism and fearlessness that has made her one of the most respected voices in our wilderness of free speech. "Come and enjoy the blacks, whites, browns, yellows and 'others' that make up this unique country of our dreams. As long as we can laugh at our fear, we are still in charge of our future".

Performances take place on August 7 and 8 at at the Hilton College Theatre. Tickets R175 and R195. All bookings online at

For all school group bookings please email the theatre office on Accompanying staff come free. 

NB: Bookings open on August 17 for The Hilton Arts Festival. For more festival information visit For more information phone the Festival office on 033 383 0127.