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Saturday, July 11, 2015


(Shri Manesh Maharaj)

Choreographer Manesh Maharaj of Kala Darshan has announced the launch of SANKALP – South Africa’s first annual festival of Indian classical music and dance on July 19 at the Pattundeen Theatre.

“SANKALP aims to showcase and revive the solo artist through the Hindustani and Karnatic forms of music as well as all forms of classical Indian dance,” says Maharaj. “I have endeavoured to preserve and advance the standard of the Indian classical performing arts in South Africa through this medium and allow audiences to experience art of the highest calibre.

“Working together and supporting each other as artists has always been important to me and a fundamental part of my journey as I believe that this mindset builds a strong conducive industry in which every artist is allowed to grow and thrive. I strongly believe that working in isolation stifles the growth and progress of art. It is my earnest desire that SANKALP serves as a vehicle for Gurus and institutes to groom their students as soloists so that they are able to experience the bliss and joy of performing on such a platform,” he adds.

SANKALP 2015 includes a tabla solo by Shri Revash Maharaj, a Kathak solo by Shri Manesh Maharaj and a sitar solo by Dr. Kanada Narahari of Bangalore accompanied by Shri Rajish Lutchman on tabla.

“Not every student is a soloist A Guru, however, is in a position to recognize and groom a student as a soloist if he/she shows potential,” Maharaj continues. “This special gift should not be denied to the shishya or the rasika. Commanding a full-length performance and engaging an audience for an hour and a half is a spiritual journey of enlightenment that every deserving student should be afforded. The root and essence of our classical performing arts is reflected in a solo presentation. It is my wish for students in South Africa to experience pure ‘Ananda’ as a soloist, the way I have been blessed.”

The festival will take place on July 19 at 14h00 at the Pattundeen Theatre (ABH – Unit 6 Chatsworth). Tickets R50 booked through 082 422 6865