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Sunday, August 9, 2015


Progress is being made in the establishment of the national body to represent the creative industries: the Cultural and Creative Federation of South Africa (CCIFSA).

The intention is for CCIFSA to be the go-to arts body, not unlike SASCOC in the sports sector.

In March 2015 the General Council was elected at the inaugural elective conference of CCIFSA. The General Council then elected the new 14-person board of CCIFSA (six officials and eight sector representatives) which was mandated with the task of the proper creation of the national umbrella organization.

Since that time the board has had several strategic planning meetings to effectively navigate the way forward for the organization. The CCIFSA board is ready to roll-out the programme of establishing the provincial and national sector councils. This was explained in detail recently at the second meeting of the KZN General Councillors in Durban.

The KZN members of the CCIFSA General Council are
-Sheryl Msomi (also a member of the CCIFSA Board representing the Visual Arts and Craft Sector)
- Jabulani Simelane (representing Language and Publishing Sector)
- Howard Msomi (representing the Indigenous Wisdom Sector)
- Sphamandla Ngcobo (representing the Audio-visual Sector)
- Prof Debbie Lutge (representing the Arts Education and Training Sector)
- Thando Nyameni (representing the Performing Arts Sector: Music)
- Nokwanda Mthembu (representing Visual Arts and Craft Sector)
- Themi Venturas (representing the Performing Arts Sector: Dance & Theatre)
- Sthembiso Khumalo (representing the Design, Creative and ACH Services Sector)
- Joy Mbewana (representing the Performing Arts).

The KZN General Councillors met with the National President of CCIFSA, Tony Kgoroge, to determine the way forward for the province to establish sector council representatives. There are eight sector councils in the current proposed structure. These are:

-The Performing Arts Sector Council (representing Dance Theatre, Music etc)
-The Visual Arts and Craft sector Council (representing painting, sculpture etc.)
-The Audio-visual Sector Council (representing Broadcasting, Television, Film etc.)
-The Cultural & Natural Heritage Sector Council (representing traditional Arts & Crafts)
-The Design, Creative & ACH Services Sector (representing fashion, graphic arts, architecture, events etc.)
-The Literature & Publishing Sector (representing the writers, publishers etc.)
-The Arts Education and Training Sector (representing the Arts educators etc.)
-The Indigenous Wisdom Sector

It is important for the KZN General Councillors to collaborate with all stakeholders including the KZN DAC, various municipalities, the former members of the now-dissolved interim committee to establish a united properly constituted sector councils.

“Whilst the establishment of CCIFSA and its sector councils is currently being set up with funding and the assistance of the National and Provincial Ministries of Arts and Culture, it is important to note that CCIFSA will be its own independent organization representing the stakeholders in the cultural and creative industries,” considered Themi Venturas. "CCIFSA will present an overall structure with which Government and international organisations will be able to liaise and consult with regard to policy, legislation, and regulation affecting the industry.”