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Monday, August 3, 2015


The performing arts and entertainment industry is saddened by the sudden death of musician and sound engineer and designer, Ron Selby, in the early hours of this morning (August 2).

Facebook is currently being inundated with messages of condolence, all praising his professionalism and mentorship, particularly from many people who are now major roleplayers on Durban’s theatre and music scene.

From childhood days, music was a part of his life and that of his sister, Dawn. They formed a band titled Third Eye during the late 60’s and their recording of Fire was successful enough to remain on the LM hit parade for six weeks, although banned on SABC.

With his wife Lynn, he created The Boogie Band and much information can be found on their website

Third Eye, with past members Ron, Dawn and Lynn Selby , Craig Ross, Gerald Knott and Graham Buckle occasionally got together as and when the demand arose and performed live at various private and public events.

Selby formed his company Selby’s Productions cc in 1980 which has successfully served the audiovisual industry of South Africa for the past 30 years. To quote, he is recognised as “one of the few very select engineers who can successfully sound mix an orchestra together with a live rock band. In other words, mixing the classical idiom with a rock feel.”

Selby was a Westville Boy’s High School old boy and Luke Holder, teacher and director of the school’s current production, Guys and Dolls, pays this tribute:

“Ron was a mentor, a friend and a true gentleman. He put my very first lavalier mic on me when I was a young man in Std 6 at Pinetown Boys' High School in 1994 for a production called Insecticide. His involvement in my professional life at Westville Boys' High School has been incredible, and he was the strongest motivation for us to build and equip our beautiful theatre. Ten years of young men and women have benefited from his enormous heart, infinite patience, and gentle wisdom. He was a man with the community at heart, and a love for live theatre and musical productions has influenced so many of us to pursue this career. The cast, crew and I dedicate the run of Guys and Dolls to him, in loving memory.”

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