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Monday, August 31, 2015


(Kevin Volans)

The South African-born composer Kevin Volans will soon launch, at a concert in Ireland, a new CD of some of his works.

Volans, who was born in Pietermaritzburg in 1949, has spent most of his life in Europe and is now an Irish citizen, but he is generally regarded as the foremost contemporary South African composer.

In an e-mail to a friend in Durban, the well-known sculptor Hannah Lurie, Volans says that on October 4 he will launch his new CD, produced by the Ergodos recording company, at a concert in the Pepper Canister church in Dublin.

Two Johannesburg musicians, Jill Richards (piano) and Waldo Alexander (violin and viola), will play works that are on the CD, including Eight Bells for Mary, an etude (study) from the quaintly-titled set called Pint-Sized Pieces.

The Pepper Canister church, officially St Stephen’s Church, was built nearly 200 years ago and takes its nickname from  the shape of its spire, which resembles a pepper pot. – Report by Michael Green