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Monday, August 31, 2015


VIDI, internet TV built for South Africa, is the first South African video on demand streaming service to offer both a monthly subscription option and/or an instant rental option across one platform. There is no programme scheduling but rather instant access to thousands of hours of entertainment.

Available across multiple devices, viewers have two options: Unlimited Subscription to a library of movies and award-winning TV series for only R149 per month or a daily rate of only R5.

VIDI has called on both professional and amateur producers of local video content to submit their work via the VIDI website for possible inclusion in the video-on-demand (VOD) service's South African content selection.

Interested visitors to are able to submit their video content via a dedicated link. The videos will be reviewed by the VIDI local content team who will decide on its suitability for posting on the streaming video site. Formal commercial contract terms will then be proposed by VIDI and, if accepted, the content will be added to the VIDI site.

"This is a golden opportunity for producers of South African content to access a well-visited platform on which to showcase their talents. We're hoping the next generation of content producers who are currently amateurs will see this as that big opportunity to take them to the next level," said Janene Matsukis, VIDI spokesperson.

VIDI, launched commercially last year, is emerging as a well-known supporter of South African video content. It is a sponsor of the Independent Mzansi Short Film Festival (IMSFF), a four-day short film celebration. IMSFF 2015 screened some 20 hours of short films from up-and-coming directors and producers in South Africa during June 2014.

VIDI is also committed to bringing the problem of illegal content downloads via the web to the fore and has recently launched a publicity campaign aimed at encouraging South African web users to 'keep it local and legal'.

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