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Saturday, October 3, 2015


(Hlonipha Attitude Amangwane Bride – Winterton – work by Barbara Tyrrell)

(Report courtesy of the South African Art Times. For an in-depth story of her life visit the Art Times story on

South African artist Barbara Tyrrell passed away very peacefully last Wednesday evening. At the age of 103 (and a half), she had been bed-ridden, blind and deaf for some months prior but still recognised regular visitors.

For the occasion of both her 100th birthday and the opening of her retrospective at the Iziko South African National Gallery, Lloyd Pollak wrote a touching tribute to the artist. This is included in the April edition of the Art Times magazine, 2012:

The William Campbell Picture Collection includes 250 paintings by Barbara Tyrrell, depicting Zulu social life and customs. This collection is housed at the Campbell Killie Africana Library in Marriott Road in Durban.