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Thursday, November 26, 2015


Deadline: November 30, 2015

The Association for Visual Arts (AVA) ArtReach programme is calling for submissions by artists and curators for assistance for projects to be undertaken under its auspices.

Thanks to a grant by the National Arts Council of South Africa, the organisation will be able to assist with expenses that many young and upcoming art practitioners find daunting. Specifically these expenses include production materials, gallery and exhibition costs such as rentals and promotion, and mentoring.

Applicants are asked to apply by November 30, providing details of proposed exhibition, services and amounts applied for, as well as a budget.

An important mandate for nurturing the arts, creativity and talent the ArtReach programme was initiated in the late 1980s. Over the years it has funded a broad spectrum of artists’ needs and launched several emerging artists who have gone on to achieve success.

For more information and application forms contact 021 424 7436, or visit