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Saturday, January 30, 2016


Senta Duffield, Durban-based belly dance teacher, public speaker and businesswoman has written her first book.

Titled Dancing with your Skeletons, it is a self-improvement book which brings into our everyday lives George Bernard Shaw’s quote “If you can’t get rid of the skeleton in your closet, you’d best take it out and teach it to dance”.

The book teaches that without even stepping into a dance class, everyone has access to one of the most powerful healing modalities, and can benefit from the profound joy, strength, grace and love that dance offers!

“We all have a skeleton in our closet,” says Duffield. “Something that we have done or that has happened to us that has made our lives difficult, has caused us pain and has left physical, mental and emotional scars. Imagine the possibilities when you learn to dance with your skeletons and ultimately to heal them in such a way that you will never put them back in the closet again!

Every dance begins with one step, reading this book is your first step in a new, beautiful and exciting dance,” she adds.

Dancing With Your Skeletons is a three-part book, offering the reader three different and separate ways to experience dance healing, or a book as a whole giving an impressive tool to gently and easily facilitate dance healing in your own life.

 In Part 1 South African dancers share their personal dance healing stories, in Part 2 Senta explains dance and dance healing, and leads the reader through a series of fun, yet meaningful visualisation exercises, and Part 3 is a Dance Directory giving insight into the background, healing properties, dance movements and messages from 44 popular dances.

Dancing with your Skeletons is published internationally by Balboa Press and available on Amazon and the Balboa Press website ( as a hard-cover, paperback and e-book. Duffield is currently printing a South African paperback version, supporting local printers and giving South African readers a local book price.