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Thursday, March 31, 2016


(Marc Kay & Rowan Bartlett)

Well-planned and carefully executed, perfect for the school holidays. (Review by Dawn Haynes)

Presented by The Actors Unemployed Company and Rhumbelow Theatre, this delightful interpretation of the story of Rapunzel is perfect for the school holidays! However, you’ll need to move quickly to catch is as there are only three more performances!

Rowan Bartlett is a mean and scary villain who maintains the evil just long enough.  Some of the younger members of the audience were quite terrified – until his first song when he began to change to mean, but not evil. This was a true sign of an actor who understands his audience and develops his character accordingly.

Marc Kay is a superb clumsy and rather dim-witted prince. He was a definite favourite from the time he threw his sword across the stage until the final song. He really won this young audience with his carefully choreographed movements and his silly actions. The children related so well to him and he stole the show for the young boys in the audience.

Tess Tjasink is a delightful Rapunzel who eventually leaves the tower, not to marry the prince, but to travel and see the world! That long plait was so well-handled and her reactions to her evil captor were convincing and appropriate.

The cast must be congratulated for some interesting choreography carried out on this very small acting area. This was well planned and carefully executed. Directed by Adam Dore, there is a careful inclusion of a few elements of adult humour to keep the parents just as involved as the children.

After the show there was a workshop session which was just long enough. The children loved it and participated fully even though most of them were too young to read the words of the song! They joined in the movements, made up some of their own words, and had fun! A great way to end the morning!

This show is strongly recommended for the under 10’s.

There are three more performances this afternoon (March 24) 14h00 and on April 1 and 2 at 10h00. Snacks and juices will be on sale. Tickets R70 booked through Computicket or phone Ailsa on 083 250 2690, email or visit - Dawn Haynes