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Thursday, March 10, 2016


(Shri Revash Maharaj (tabla), Shri Manesh Maharaj & Dr Kanada Narahari (Sitar).)

Kala Darshan – Institute of classical music and dance – will present Taal Chakra – The Rhythm of Life - on March 19 at the Pattundeen theatre in Chatsworth.

Taal Chakra unites three dynamic soloists who have merged their talents in a unique exposition of Shastriya Sangeet. Dr. Kanada Narahari (sitar), Shri Revash Maharaj (tabla) and Shri Manesh Maharaj (Kathak) offer rasikas (connoisseurs) a rare experience of rhythm, melody and dance.

“We greet the material world with the natural rhythm of our heart beat manifested through the pulsating rhythms of the Tabla,” explains Maharaj. “Our perception of our surroundings, our senses and nature are brought to life by the ‘singing strings’ of the Sitar through evocative Ragas. With life’s poetic imagery, we transcend to express our experiences and emotions through movement which is captured through Kathak. The performing arts are indeed a potent medium of communication, a universal language that transcends all barriers.”

Invoking the spiritual energy of five Talas, namely Roopaktaal (7 beats), Jhaptaal (10 beats), Choutaal (12 beats), Dhamartaal (14 beats) and Teentaal (16 beats) the artists promise to transport their audience on an enlightening journey of their respective art forms as each Taal unfolds its beauty and magic. Reflective of the natural cyclic process of life, Taal Chakra confines the artist to various rhythmic time cycles, at the same time affording them complete freedom to explore their creative expressions and share their artistic impulses with the audience.

Taal Chakra is a 90 minute, high-octane production that distills the essence of Hindustani classical music and dance into a unique audio-visual presentation making it accessible, engaging and appealing to a diverse audience. Each Taal is adorned with vibrant rhythms, the Rasa of melodious Ragas and projected visually through the grace and beauty of dance, a special treat for musicians and dancers alike.

Taal Chakra takes place on March 19 at 18h00 at the Pattundeen Theatre (Aryan Benevolent Homes, Unit 6- Chatsworth). Institutes and cultural organizations are invited to host this offering as a fund-raiser or as an opportunity to appreciate art of the highest calibre. Tickets R50 available at the door prior to the performance. For further information contact 082 422 6865.