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Friday, April 22, 2016


(Aalia Jhaveri)

Combining words and images to create a visual representation of her ideas comes naturally to the bubbly Aalia Jhaveri who recently graduated cum laude in her National Diploma in Graphic Design from the Durban University of Technology (DUT).

Jhaveri was at first surprised but elated to hear of her latest academic achievement. “It's an amazing feeling (to hear about the cum laude). Design work is never actually complete but rather a constant work in progress. A lot of people don’t realise the amount of time and work that goes into creativity, nothing just happens, you have to work for it,” she said. Her first love had always been to study Graphic Design as she liked how it combined many of the fields she was interested in such as photography, editorial and web designing.

Besides winning DUT awards such as Best History and Theory Student, 2014 Top Student Award, 2014 Top Drawing Award and 2015 Student of the Year, Jhaveri found time to make her time studying at DUT thoroughly enjoyable. The fun part about her being a student is that she found herself working with people that have the same interests as her even though they all have their own aesthetic.

She was tempted to get into the industry immediately after obtaining her National Diploma in Graphic Design and was even offered a few jobs at the end of last year (2015). However, she turned them down in order to do her BTech in Graphic Design at DUT this year (2016), even pitching in to tutor first and second year Graphic Design students.

When asked what advice she would impart to the students she is tutoring, she said they have to give it their all or nothing. “Remember to embrace your strengths and run with them. How far you go and how well you do all depends on your mindset and the amount of heart you give it,” she said. 

Jhaveri hopes to pursue a job in the editorial and publishing industry involving website creation and development after obtaining her BTech degree. This would be her “dream job".

For more information contact Sinegugu Ndlovu at or on 031 373 2845.