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Sunday, April 17, 2016


(Albert Frost. Pic by Riehan Bakkes)

Over the coming weeks, music lovers will be treated to live performances by Albert Frost, South Africa’s pre-eminent guitarist whose unique, genre crossing style has earned him much respect and a large fan following among audiences and peers for more than two decades.

Frost will be on tour for the launch of his third solo album, The Wake Up, which explores various musical avenues and melds stylistic elements of the blues, rock, psychedelic and African genres to create something he says will surprise and excite his fans.

On The Wake Up, Frost worked instrumentally with acclaimed bassist Schalk Joubert and celebrated drummer Jonno Sweetman, who will accompany him on stage during the tour.

In his performances, Frost promises “diverse material, mostly new, showcased in electric and acoustic set-ups, each with a certain energy”. He adds: “The Wake Up is all about bringing something fresh to the show as well as incorporating the concept throughout the performance.”

Although The Wake Up’s sound is a departure from Frost’s blues roots, having played with legendary South African band The Blues Broers for 21 years, he plans on incorporating some older songs into his tour shows. “There will be one or two tracks from Devils and Gods (his first studio recorded solo album) as well as a blues track or two,” he says. “My sound is changing with this album so I hope people like it as much as I do.”

Performances take place as follows:

Durban: April: 28, The Barnyard Theatre Gateway.  Bookings:
Durban:  April 29,The Chairman.  Bookings:  078 387 1408
Howick (KZN): April 30, Caversham Mill.  Bookings:   033 234 4524  / 072 125 3392

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